What is this “calm” hullabaloo?

This week I learned a valuable lesson in keeping calm…

Monday: Nothing spectacular.

Tuesday: Things are a little rocky.


Thursday: Settling back down.

Friday: AHHHHH!!!!…ouch. Collapse.

To elaborate on the week, Monday began with a morning commute which was three times as long as it is normally. I believe this is because the on-ramp to I-90 is closed due to construction on another major street nearby my apartment. Therefore, people who usually take the highway to get to places (like myself) are forced to take 3rd street. And so for the first time in me being here, I sat in morning commuter traffic. However, I’m not going to complain about it because it usually takes me 5 minutes to get to school and now it takes me 15 (which is still pretty short). No big deal. All is well.

What the deuce?! Traffic?!

Tuesday was when things got a little rocky. The realization that I have some paperwork that needed to be signed by my absent boss to take my oral exam began to stress me out a little. Not to mention he, uh…well, he hadn’t even seen my proposal yet and I’d had gone through four revisions since then so…moving right along…

Hey, the first four revisions weren’t even looking at. heh-heh

Oh goodness, Wednesday. First of all, I couldn’t legally ship 50% of my dad’s birthday present, so I feel pretty awful about only sending 50% of it. Not to mention the dean of the graduate school ends up emailing me and my classmate and was like, “Due to the state of your preparation, I highly recommend you take your exam in May rather than April.” That’s when the tears were building behind my eyes.

But here’s the thing, 1) we were told THREE weeks ago we couldn’t do that and 2) and since then I’ve been busting my ass to prepare. My boss wasn’t back in lab yet, so I didn’t really know what to say to the dean. I ended up “ignoring” her email. And so, I emailed my boss the updated version (version 5) and told him I wanted to speak to him Thursday. The next morning he said he would talk to us.

Thursday comes and I’m in lab early, stationed at the computer, watching the the “skype for business” app for the little green light to appear next to my boss’ name. When his status changed, I announced to the whole office, “He’s here! He’s here!”

I resisted the urge to bombard him immediately and did some small work tasks for about half an hour. Plenty of time to him to settle in, right?

Trying to keep it cool but the anticipation of speaking to boss-man is too much too handle.

First of all, we told him how nice to was to see him. Literally, it was REALLY NICE to see him. We had some small talk on his trip and his flight back. Then straight to business.

After explaining our progress and the dean’s email, he said we are prepared to defend in April as we had planned. After that, my nerves calmed back down.

Friday: Two revisions later (also that’s new…I don’t think I’ve revised a paper SEVEN times before), an exception memo, paperwork finally turned in.  It’s official:

FullSizeRender (4)


Oh my GOODNESS! It’s really happening?! And I have TWO EXPERIMENTS to run, analyze, and incorporate into my partially completed presentation.  Oh my goodness I have so much work to do…wish me luck.

Anyways, this was the first time stress actually took a toll on my body too. Friday morning I woke up with a pain in my side. That basically set my weekend plans: rest.

To kick things off, a buddy and I complained about work over a beer. ^_^




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