Burnt Eggs

After this Friday, I will have worked 19 days in a row ( with emphasis on the “the in a row”).  Why? Well, Monday-Friday is the regular work week. However I’m also part of an 6-week animal study which requires administering supplements every day. The past two weekends were my work shifts.

Besides working more than two weeks straight, within the work week I’ve put in a solid 50 hours of work (yup, basically five 10-hour days and then some on the weekends).

At this point I’m…well…burnt out. 😛

Granted at any other job 1) I would have been eligible for some serious overtime or 2) I would gotten the next two weeks off. But because I’m a PhD student, I’m not eligible for those benefits. In fact, it’s pretty much expected I put this amount of effort in. Honestly, it wouldn’t be that bad except for how I’ve noticed how I’ve been affected by it.

How two weeks of work effects me:

1. No amount of caffeine would help the exhaustion.

2. I’m a bit more irritable especially in the evening.

3. I’ve ignored taking care of myself.

Out of these three, the last one is the more disturbing one to me because it is not just a physical thing but a mental one too. This past week, my mind has felt frazzled.

So this week I learned of the the importance of meditation.

I’m not talking about sitting down in one spot and repeating a mantra until zen is reached. In fact, when I meditate I’m still working and hustling about.

Rather I meditate on the good things.

I think about all the past victories I’ve had and remind myself of how blessed I am. I remind myself of my growth as a person and how much better I am now because of it.

I’ve found this mindset refreshes me mentally. I feel more energized and ready to take on what’s ahead. Although I’m exhausted, I know I’m going to get through this season and I’ll be better off because of it.

Physically, I’ve noticed I haven’t been eating too well (which may contribute to my lethargy) and I’ve skipped out on pore strips and face masks for like a month.

Not to mention I haven’t cut my hair in the past six months.

Granted the hair cut can wait a little for “back to school” to cut off the summer damage.But after doing some beauty stuff today, I’m feeling much better about myself.

Now to have some good food: red beans and rice and tiramisu! ^_^






Chick to Chicken

Oh hay!

Sorry it’s been awhile since my last post.

But really, if you ask, “what have you been up to?” All I would say is, work.

Over the past two years, I have observed and done a couple animal studies in lab. I learned they’re extremely time consuming and can be stressful.

This summer, I’ve been put on a 6 week dietary animal study. To give you a brief run down, we’re feeding apples to rats every. single. day. It’s been time consuming to say the least. I’m hoping by the end of the study it’ll take less than an hour to feed instead of the 1.5 hours spent everyday making and giving supplements.

In between working, I survived a massive heat wave in that temperatures were definitely 100F and in doing so learned that the living room window is facing west.

I also learned that my router wasn’t built to handle two computers, a smart TV, and a cell phone on the internet speed I was paying for (which is pretty fast). In doing so, I broke my router but not my modem so I replaced it (with a better one) this week.

Finally, after five failed attempts at finding the Rocks of Sharon at Iller Creek, I finally found them this weekend! I realized I’ve been turning left this whole time when I should have been taking a right. ^_^

As a result, I found the rock which they call “big rock” (descriptive, I know) and had a small snack overlooking the famous paloose.

Yes, you have seen the Paloose. In fact, this background photo was taken in the Paloose. 

Well, here is my picture of overlooking the Paloose from Big Rock:

Oooh pretty. ^_^

That’s it for now. Peace out!