Last month, I bought something I thought I wouldn’t need until I was “older.”

I got a gym membership.

I know, it’s nothing super crazy to most people. Let me elaborate.

Being a gymnast for a long time, I walked past all the exercise equipment and went straight to the gymnastics gym. Then after gymnastics, I started swimming. And once again I walked past all the exercise equipment and went straight to the pool. So yeah, I never extensively used exercise equipment (but I have used them once in a blue moon).

Alas, this summer I began to notice how difficult it was to carry things from the autoclave back to lab (which is across the hall) and how winded I got climbing the four flights of stairs. And that’s when I realized I was out of shape and realized it was time to join the herd and go to the gym with the overall goal being to get strong.

I will admit for the first week I was both excited and nervous going to the gym. I never really exercised in that kind of setting before. However I was excited to use all the equipment.

My gym workout is as follows: 15 minutes of cardio on the elliptical and 30-40 minutes of weight lifting on the equipment that I know how to use. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve tried out some new equipment which I learned how to use by studying the picture on the side or watching someone else use it effectively.

So now my new normal is “sore”. Constantly sore. All the time. Alternating between legs and arms being sore. Last week I attempted to use an ab machine without any additional weight added and I COULDN’T EVEN LIFT IT! My abs have been sore for four days since…

-_- weak. Does the soreness stop though?! I mean, eventually my body will get used to working out again right?

And eventually I’ll get ripped. ^_^

Hope everything is well with y’all. I’m pumped that it’s getting cooler here in Spokane so baking/cooking doesn’t just heat up the apartment on top of the outside heat making it unbearable in here. Instead, the place is comfy cozy and smells fan-freakin-tastic.

Ttyl! -Sabrina (gym member since late August 2016)




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