Happy Monday!

As you probably saw in the news, a typhoon off the coast of Japan made landfall in the Pacific Northwest this weekend bringing tons of rain and wind.To all my friends near the coast, I hope you guys are safe and sound. ^_^

Fortunately, I’m in the inland NW in-between the Cascades and the Rocky Mountains, so all I really saw was some wind Friday and a ton of rain Saturday afternoon. However, the energy company as well as Comcast sent out notifications that the power might be knocked out in our area and to prepare.

Despite advisory warnings, life still goes on. Friday afternoon I got my tires rotated and balanced. Saturday afternoon I got my hair cut. Just a clean up: 2 inches of the bottom, re-layered, and a bang trim. Because of the timing and length, I’ll be good for the holidays.

Fresh faced and ready for seminar at the end of the month.

And in other news (which I already shared on Facebook) if you search, “S Fechtner 2016” PubMed my article pops up! Wooooooooooooo! My second one will be submitted later this month. 🙂 Also later this month is my annual college wide seminar about my research.

That is all for now, ttyl!





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