Dark Lipstick

Around the end of this summer, my YouTube binges included makeup tutorials. I saw a lot of dark lipsticks…like dark reds, blues, and purples. I really liked how they looked and I wanted them. So I went out and bought a smashbox matte lipstick in the shade Plum Role. But it was still summer…so I held off wearing it until the weather changed and it was more “acceptable” to be wearing dark shades.

The first time I wore it out all day was when I went to Seattle for the weekend. I justified it by 1) the weather and 2) no one would know that I usually don’t wear this color so it’s all good.

The second time I wore it was on another weekend where I was running errands and had there was a small probability of me running into anyone I knew.

Then came, literally, the perfect day to wear it except that it was on a weekday. I was kinda nervous to come to lab with dark lips. I was afraid of what people would say, but I did it. My friends liked the shade saying it made my skin tone look really good and that it looked cool.

After that, I bought another dark shade. This time it was a dark purple/blue and my first ever liquid lip shade: Jeffery Star liquid lip in the shade abused. Now that was crazy for me because it was outside my usual shade of lipsticks being in the pink and red family.

So I debuted it for Halloween again justifying wearing it by the holiday. Nothing happened.

A couple of weeks ago, I realized I cared too much about what people would think or say about my lipstick color for that day. But it doesn’t matter what they think. What matters is how it makes me feel. That’s really what makeup is about in the end for regular everyday people–it’s all about you. So one day I said, “eff it” and I wore the dark blue shade for the second time on the day before Thanksgiving. Why? Cause I wanted to.

That day just so happened to be the first time ever my boss/PI has ever seen me in a dark lipstick. You know what he said? He smiled, pointed to my lips, and said, “your lips match your sweater. Very cool.” And that was it! He didn’t say anything else to me about it. He just asked about my family and to incorporate the revisions to my manuscript.

And now I feel more empowered to wear the shades I want to.

Shade: Abused. Jeffree Star Cosmetics


Featured Image: Taken by the Public Market on West Side (Seattle). Why this photo? I don’t know! 😀




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