Aren’t ya forgetin’ somthin’?

No, I haven’t lost my purse or my keys. In fact, I’ve never lost my purse or keys.

But I am guilty of being forgetful.

Last year I forgot my Mom’s birthday. This year I was dangerously close to forgetting my Dad’s birthday. If it wasn’t for my Mom giving me a heads up I would have forgotten about it completely.

The only date I didn’t miss is my sister’s birthday. I think it’s because she mentioned it several times leading up to it. But that’s the thing right? As kids, birthdays are pretty big deals. But as adults, sometimes we can dismiss our birthdays as being just another day, so we don’t mention it.

I feel awful. For one, these are people that I REALLY care about. And two, I love giving gifts! I’m like Lesile Knope in that I love giving well-thought personal gifts, and it can get out of hand and over the top sometimes. I get excited watching the recipient open my gift. It gives me great joy. But I can’t be happy if I don’t give any gifts because I forgot! 😦


Honestly, I’m not this forgetful on important dates in my life. I think I just got swept up in studying that everything kinda took a backseat to it.

So as of now, I programmed every important day into my work calendar, and I’ve set a notification to go off a week before the event., and it doesn’t delete off my calendar once completed so it should be there forever. Let’s see how this will work…


I turned 25 on Thursday. Now I can rent a car without that pesky minor tax! Woohoo!

To celebrate, I made a honey cake with citrus frosting. It took me waaaay longer to make than I anticipated but it was FANTASTIC! Every component worked so well with each other. Honestly, I’m pretty impressed with myself. lol.

Honey cake with butter citrus frosting topped with candied oranges made by me.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I’m so happy you guys are a part of my life.

Until next time, stay classy and sassy.



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